Challenge,  On Writing

Day Three…

Book One…

The move is still the focus. Way too much, but we are gaining on it slowly each day. But another week before most of it is in place.

How it Went…

Once again I didn’t get to the writing computer until almost 10 pm, just way too late when I spend all day moving boxes and working on the move. And today I hung white boards in my office. Impressive looking, but wow was that a lot of work. Kris had to help me because of things like ladders. And took an almost two hour nap, something I tend to not do. (15 minutes is my nap length.)

Tomorrow I am going to work on workshop stuff, including sending out the invites to the two special workshops that start on Tuesday that were from THE CHASE Kickstarter campaign. Kris and I spent some time at lunch today finishing up one some of them. So a bunch of recording to do over the next few days as well.

So tomorrow the goal is to get to the writing computer a few times during the day, and actually do less physical moving to keep up the energy a little bit for later in the night (It is only 1 am right now and I am exhausted.)

So ideally I would be around 15,000 words written total. In reality I am just a bit past 10,000 words.

As Kris said to me when I commented on my slow start, “You always start slow.”

Sadly, she has a point. How annoying. (grin)

Some Observations…

I just don’t let the slight ups and downs of days get to me. I noticed today that my mind was focused on the writing. And wondering where the novel is going to go. And I was getting slowly annoyed at all the things I seemingly had to do instead of write.

That is a good thing. As I slowly (over the next few days) get more focused on writing and maybe a little more annoyed at distractions that normally would take me away, I will do more words.

Actually, 10,000 words in three days from a dead stop in the middle of a major move just isn’t bad. Not where I want to be, no doubt. But the focus and annoyance will get me to that level in short order.

Also, another observation. Even with all the stuff to do, I have the freedom to set my actual schedule. The moment the book gets to a spot in what is happening that I just can’t walk away or move another box, I will spend an entire day at it just to tell myself the story.

Got a hunch that will happen in a few days. We shall see it.

But now I plan on another good night’s sleep.


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  • Penauthor

    Your blog gives me so much motivation. I’m always making reference to your blog and your writing career whenever I speak. I can’t say how much I’ve learned just checking your daily posts. It keeps me going even when things aren’t always easy.

    Just reading your today’s update, I’ve gone on and written a couple hundred words.

    Thanks for all you do, Dean.