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Clearing the Decks

Getting a Second Shot Thursday…

So I wanted to have projects that were due immediately done in case I am down for a day or so with a reaction.

So tonight Kris and I turned in all six of the Colliding Worlds books to WMG Publishing, including introductions. That turned out to be a really fun project in a lot of ways.

Also tonight, we turned in the last three Year of a Cat anthologies, including all the introductions.

So that’s nine major books in one night, turned in. (We had been building toward that, of course.)

So after I get through the second shot (maybe tomorrow night, maybe Friday), I will be doing the final layout on Smith’s Monthly #46. 

I hope to be working on the Patreon site as well sometime this weekend, trying to get that worked around again.

So that’s it for the night. If everything goes as planned (a big if in this crazy world) I will have my second shot tomorrow afternoon. We shall see, but at least now the critical work is cleared off and I can just go and not worry about anything.

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  • Mark Kuhn

    Glad to hear you’re getting your 2nd shot, Dean. Most people don’t have much of a reaction to it. Friend of mine had his 2nd shot last week and he had a little fatigue for a day and that was it.
    I’m still waiting to get my first shot and I was bumped up the list due to a pre-existing condition.