Challenge,  On Writing

Challengers Doing Great!

Those in the Great Challenge Keep Going Strong…

Right into the face of the time of great forgetting. A number who started the first week are working on their tenth story in a row. Fantastic!

So far only two have had life take them out, which considering the time of the year, that is amazingly wonderful that only two have dropped away. I do expect more to drop away, which is no shame. Even with six or seven or more short stories done, the writers still get two workshops for the fee of signing up. So two workshops and a bunch of short stories finished. Win!

So well done, everyone. And what is even more fun for me is that most of the stories I am reading all the way through. The writers are catching me and keeping me reading. Every-so-often I end up scanning a story, but I tell the writer when that happens and why. Usually no depth.

And not only am I reading all the way through, I am enjoying most of the stories.

So for me, even though not that many people signed up for the challenges (novel or short story… and both still open), I am enjoying a great deal the stories I am reading. And admiring the writer who can power through the time of great forgetting.

Well done, folks!