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Challenge Updates

Publishing 70 Books Challenge On Target…

Just under six months into the publish 70 books challenge in my 70th year and doing great so far.

I have 27 books actually published and 10 more turned in for publication.

And I hope by Monday to turn in three more. A new novel, a new issue of Smith’s Monthly, and a new issue of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine.

So before the halfway point I will have 40 books published or turned in and in line for publication.

And if I just keep up with Smith’s Monthly through the middle of November, I will have 12 more turned in and published (six issues and six novels.)

And two more issues of Pulphouse Magazine, which will take me up to 54 total.

16 books short, more than most writers can do in an entire year. But I got all kinds of ideas on how to solve that problem, all really fun.

So as I have been doing, I will keep you up to date on the crazy challenge.

On the milage exercise challenge, seven for seven so far. Over five miles in a day, so I have at least got a streak started.

And got a 5k walk/run in the morning very early so tomorrow should be easy.

And that’s the updates. Night.