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Challenge Goes to Bryant Street Again

This One Would Not Exist Without the Challenge…

Yup, sort of a busy day today, as most Mondays are.

I had to get up pretty early for me to be down to our library to meet a guy there who had a collection of 1930s baseball stuff that had come into the library on donation. Program books, magazines, all kinds of misc from 1930s to 1950. In exchange for the collection, I made a very, very good donation to the Friends of the Library. Fair trade. And wow, what a find out of someone’s attic.

So after doing workshop stuff, I watched some television with Kris, than sat and watched Orville. (I love the show.) So by the time I got back up here into my office, it was 3 a.m. and I was tired.

So I figured I would take a night off. Been planning to do that at some point anyway. But then I decided being late and being tired was the wrong reason to take a night off.

So I sat down at the writing computer, grabbed a title off my title sheets. “Wrong Turn”

And started typing another Bryant Street story, using my fear of subdivisions as the driving theme of the story.

Wrote 900 words, took a break at 4 a.m., came back and wrote 1,300 words to finish it by 5:15 a.m. Weird how all these Bryant Street stories are almost all the same word count.

So a story exists tonight that would not have existed at all without the challenge.

So far, here is the November Short Story Challenge. (10th through 30th.. I will have covers in a few days as well.)

1… Under the Skin of Death… 4,400 words…. Total words so far… 4,400 words.
2… Half a Clue… 3,700 words… Total words so far… 8,100 words
3… That Human Fear… 1,700 words… Total words so far… 9,800
4… The Remarkable Way She Died… 2,100 words… Total words so far… 11,900
5… Under Glass… 2,700… Total words so far… 14,600
6… Remembering the Last Laughter… 1,700 words… Total words so far… 16,300
7… A One-Shoe Victory… 2,100 words… Total words so far… 18,400
8… The Man Who Tasted the Other Side… 2,100 words… Total words so far… 20,500
9… Stranger in the Shadows… 2,200 words… Total words so far… 22,700
10… Wrong Turn… 2,300 words… Total words so far… 25,000

So total writing time today… 2.25 hours.
Total work time…9 hours.



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  • Mark Kuhn

    Hi Dean, will all these be published together in a book like you did for “Stories from July”?
    Also, what happened to stories from April, did you release that or did I miss it?

    • dwsmith

      Yup, Stories From April will be out sometime this winter and Stories from November will follow. I hope to do a Stories from May this year as well. However, unlike the Stories from July, I doubt the blogs will be with them. Just an introduction and the covers.

    • dwsmith

      Different ones in different cities, but they all have a street by the name of Bryant Street, which is the most frightening of them all.