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Busy Day for a Saturday

Auction, reading, some writing, some working on the estate, some workshop stuff… 

And I wouldn’t be reporting all this stuff if I didn’t have a streak going of blogging every day about something. (grin)

Here is what the day was like.

First to both our stores. Antiques Week is starting here and I wanted to see how things were doing. Starting off great.

Then estate work since the day was nice and the light was good in the house. Almost got it. Monday should finish it for me.

Then out to the auction for a while to talk with friends there.

Then to the WMG offices to work for a few hours on workshop stuff.

Then to the grocery store and home to cook dinner and then back to the estate house for a few hours.

Home to take a nap, do some reading of the workshop stories, watch television, then in my office to write for a while.

A full Saturday.

I will do some longer blogs this coming week on a couple of topics left over from my week of questions. Also will get back to doing some reporting on the writing.

Hope everyone is having a fun weekend.