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Behind On Email…

For Reasons Out of My Control…

I am behind on email responses to people. Please be understanding and I will get caught up shortly. If you have been waiting for a response from me for over two weeks on an email, chances are it is lost and you need to send it again if you still need a response.

As for stories waiting in workshops, I am under twenty stories left to read in four different workshops, so gaining on it. Maybe one more week on that if luck holds.

Tonight I am under deadline getting in the holiday issue of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine. And then after that I have to get to proofing the next issue of Smith’s Monthly. I will be working on email and stories while I do those, but both those issues have hard deadlines. (Nature of magazine publishing.)

So have a great Friday night and Saturday. Thanks for the understanding.

PS… Learning to run my new Sense 2 Fitbit is a learning curve, especially since it is built for people with really good eyes. (Yes, I am going for computer glasses and reading glasses this coming week.) But thanks to Kris being amazing, it is set up enough that I can read the time and my step count for the day. (First day on the new watch… 13,085 steps or about 6.5 miles for me.)