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Before Something Fun Tomorrow

I Wanted to Make Sure I Had Everything Announced…

Not kidding, got a nifty new thing to announce tomorrow that I have mentioned a few times in passing. It is on myths. The lecture lifetime subscribers are going to be really happy. (grin)

But first, I wanted to update a few other things.


ASK KRIS ANYTHING still has spots open, but they will close off shortly. She was only going to do this for one year and she only has the six-month option left open on Teachable. So don’t miss getting a chance to sign up and ask Kris anything you like for a hour a month on a video webinar.

They are basically the third Sunday of every month at 11 am West Coast US time. Sign up on Teachable.


THE GREAT CHALLENGE and THE GREAT NOVEL CHALLENGE have lots of room to jump in. Over half of the people signed up on the novel challenge have missed and got the $600 credit. Numbers of the short story challenge writers are missing every week now as well and getting the $600 credit. But most of them also have finished a lot of stories as well, so a total win.

I delayed reading the short stories in the challenge for about four weeks, so I could read four stories from each writer at a time to see if I could see patterns. It is taking me a while to read that many stories, (duh) but I should be through them all in the next week.

So lots of room in the challenges. Rules and sign-up on Teachable.


LICENSING TRANSITION now has eleven videos in it, on its way to hundreds. It is a year-long adventure. For those of you who took the Licensing Learn Along, you have until the end of the month to use the discount code to get into the Licensing Transition. The code is there with the last videos in the Learn Along if you haven’t gotten that far in there.

Or you can just sign up directly to the Licensing Transition. It will be how to take an IP and move it to licensing. And interesting year this will be. No doubt at all.

Jump in on Teachable.


MASTER BUSINESS CLASS in October here in Las Vegas still has some spots open. We will be sending out over the group email the hotel code information in the next two days, so if signed up, watch for that. And if you are signed up and not on the group list yet, I will be writing you and sending you another invite to the group.

We will be announcing the final list of instructors for the Master Business Class, but I can tell you we will have one of the fine folks who run the Licensing Expo on board. And Damon Courtney of Bookfunnel has confirmed he will be there as well. So get signed up. Write me for more information or take a look at the web site for the Vegas workshops at



One last thing. If you are interested in working with me for the next year, write me and I will explain what I can do. I am working right now with five wonderful writers and enjoying myself a great deal. Mostly I think my job is to help the writers stay focused and be a cheerleader. I also read stories and look at sales copy and covers.

So I can comfortably handle just one more. So one spot open. Not cheap, but I think worth the price. I am a good cheerleader, honest.






      • Aniket Gore

        Thanks, but I don’t live in USA, so not possible for me to attend in person workshops. I will wait for the online workshop you mentioned couple of times.

        • Céline Malgen

          You might want to consider the Study Along online workshop that goes with the in-person workshop in September. If you can’t travel, that’s the next best thing. I would recommend it.

          You get the same reading list as the people who attend, with Kris’ comments on the books, and Dean summarizes the various sessions that Kris gives. And you get some fun short story assignments, with the same deadlines as the attendees.