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Been a Few Days

Not Writing at the Moment…

If you were coming to see progress, none to report, but that might change shortly and I’ll get back at it. And get back to reporting and talking about different aspects of writing and publishing.

But for just a quick moment, I need to point out that sometimes life just doesn’t allow writing to happen. And I can write in 15 minute bits of time without a problem, but not even that much time for me at the moment.

Sometimes the stuff that stops you from writing is bad stuff, or bad health stuff. Never fun. And if that happens, try your best to not drag the bad stuff into the writing, keep the writing a fun place to go.

For me, right now, it’s all good stuff that is keeping me from the keyboard even for 15 minutes. So I am not in the slightest worried about anything from the crazy busy few days leaking back into the writing. Might even add to it.

And I have managed to get through the Pop-Up Weekender workshops for March, even with some email problems on Thursday. So at least I have been focused that much on writing and I had fun doing those.

And I found a few minutes to write this as well to keep my challenge alive. So all good.

So as the next few days level out, I’ll report some writing and some other fun stuff.


Some of you noticed that Kris, in her blog, announced we were moving to Las Vegas. Well, yes, we are, but at the same time not leaving Lincoln City. WMG is in Lincoln City, our stores are in Lincoln City, so we will still be based there. But Las Vegas gives us a chance for Kris to get healthy and that means we will be in both places.

And since I have been in Las Vegas off and on for most of my life, it will be great fun for me. And I hope to write a ton more Poker Boy stories (set in Vegas) and Cold Poker Gang novels (set in Vegas as well.)

So more as that happens. Good weekend, folks.


  • DS Butler

    I hope the move goes smoothly and helps Kris feel better. Do you think you’ll hold workshops there in the future? It’s easier for me to get to Vegas from the UK so I hope so!