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Other stuff is work. (grin)

Doing my obligatory blog tonight ahead of the time change and then headed to get some sleep.

I recorded the Motivational Monday videos tonight, and also recorded the third week of Secrets.

And I hope everyone who was supposed to get the nine Pop-Up Mystery classes got them all right. If not, check your spam filter and then if still not there, contact subscriptions at WMGbooks on Monday.

In this upcoming Seeders Kickstarter, we decided to do the same ten Pop-Up focused classes, only instead of mystery, we are aiming them at science fiction. And we are going to make it a little easer to get to all ten stretch rewards for them if this campaign does well enough. If we don’t make them all, we will still record them and those interested can buy them.

And this next week a bunch of stuff being added later in the week to the Business Master Class and other major classes. Stay turned. I’ll announce it all here as well as email those in each class if you have your Teachable email turned on.

And still time to jump into the Thriller/Humor Study Along. You can do the reading after the class is over. Runs from March 21 to 24th.