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Back to Normal

Back to Writing and Eating Well and Exercising…

Although there wasn’t a day during the Master Business Class that I was under 13,000 steps. So I at least maintained that. And I ended up with about thirty pages of notes and information and cool details and helpful hints and major things. (Remember, Kris and I were putting this on and I still got thirty pages of notes.)

Wonderful writers, great discussions, and I feel both energized and exhausted at the same time. So going to feel good being back in schedule. Real good.

I will be caught up on missed email shortly and then will start into the challenge stories that I am so far behind on.

And slowly, over the next few weeks, I will relay some of the licensing stuff in the Licensing Transition Class, and more general information here. So stay tuned. I got a ton of learning to digest.



  • Susan

    That was a great class and I had fun everyday. Enjoyed all the panelists and the speaker lunches were such a highlight. So much fun to be in a room full of writers. Loved meeting you Kris and everyone. Looking forward to another!