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Announcing Something Brand New!

Ask Kris Anything webinar is now available for sign-ups on Teachable. This might be one of the best ideas Kris has come up with outside her fiction. Listening to Kris answer your questions and other writer’s questions live for an hour every month for a year will be an amazing learning experience.

Here are the details…

Ask Kristine Kathryn Rusch Anything

For one hour every month, Kris will answer questions live on a webinar. 

Any type of question, any form of question. 

Kris has been doing a weekly column on the business and life of publishing and fiction writing for a decade now. She has won more awards in multiple genres as almost any writer living. And she has made her living writing fiction and in the industry since 1989.

She is a major New York Times and USA Today bestseller with her fiction and also writes across many genres. In romance she is Kristine Grayson, in historical mystery she is the acclaimed Kris Nelscott. And under her own name she writes award-winning science fiction and fantasy and mystery.

Three of her series are now in development in Hollywood for television and movies. And she is an expert negotiator. 

Listening to Kris answer other people’s questions, as well as your own, might be the most informative thing you can do each month. You will come away each week with a lot of notes.


The monthly live webinar will always start at 11 am West Coast US Time.  The dates will be announced a few months ahead under the introduction video and each person signed up will be emailed the dates and a reminder as well each month slightly before the webinar.

And no, they will not be recorded. You make the live webinar or you miss out. The reason is that Kris wants to be free to answer honestly and sometimes bluntly. Recording does not allow that.

THIS IS LIMITED. Once it is full, these will be closed for more sign-ups. So don’t hesitate if interested.

You can buy in at any of three tiers. A full year, nine months, or six months. The subscription runs consecutively. But you can miss one if you give Dean notice and you can make up the missed webinar on the end of the subscription. 

(If you buy a six month subscription expecting to buy another six months later, you might be disappointed, since this will fill, I have no doubt.)

If you have the year subscription and do not miss one of the webinars for an entire year, you will get the last (13th) live webinar free. 

Once this starts and the first two webinars are done, the yearly option will drop away if this has not filled before then. 

Only those signed for the yearly option will be allowed to send in a question or two each month ahead of time. The rest will be able to post their questions live on the webinar. (You will send Dean the questions ahead and he will pass them on.)

Any questions about this, write Dean, not Kris. Dean is the moderator and will be dealing with the Teachable aspects of this. His email is

And no, this is not part of any subscription or is it exchangeable with any workshop. Sorry.

This is Kris doing something special. 

If you want to sign up, go to

and hit “see all courses” and you will see the three options for this Ask Kris Webinar series.

Remember, one year subscriptions get to send in questions ahead of time each month.

And that this is limited. No need to ask me if there is still a spot open. Just check on Teachable and if you can still see the course, there is a spot open. If you can’t see it there, then ask me. (Here is what the cover of the year option looks like.)