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Anthology Workshop Started Up

And There Are Now Seven Openings…

I started the 2019 Anthology Workshop group list. And will be sending out hotel information and first story information over that list shortly. So if you were planning on attending the workshop in March, which we start writing for in three weeks, contact me now.

That’s right… there is three weeks of writing three stories at the end of November and early December, then time off for the holidays, then three more weeks of writing in January. Then a lot of reading.

So really the workshop starts at the end of November. So time is almost up to sign up for this one.

And you will be writing for real paying markets.

Seven spots still open as of right now because of some errors on my part over this rough last year caused that to go up from four spots left. The cost is $750. Write me for information if interested. We will shut off sign-ups in about three weeks.

Also you can check it out at

We just finished the 2018 Master Business Class and we had a blast. We also discovered the costs of putting on the conference here in Las Vegas seem higher than we expected. We will know more for certain by the end of the year, but for now we are offering an early-bird rate of $750 to get into the 2019 Master Business Class. That might not last long as we discover the real costs. (grin)

The dates for the 2019 Master Business Class are October 25th to October 30th. This workshop will fill like it normally does. We will be announcing new instructors through the spring and should end up with around ten to twelve again.

More information at

Also at that web site there is information about the 2019 craft workshops. A few still have openings in a few of them. If interested, write me.

And if you like the sound of a craft workshop, but can’t make it to Las Vegas, or don’t qualify yet, we have a series of Study Along workshops on Teachable.


Still time to get in.

Here is the full list of November Workshops…

Class #49… Nov 6th … Depth #3: Research
Class #50… Nov 6th … Author Voice
Class #51… Nov 6th … Dialog
Class #52… Nov 6th … Writing into the Dark
Class #53… Nov 6th … Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #54… Nov 6th … Writing and Selling Short Stories
Class #55… Nov 7th … Depth in Writing
Class #56… Nov 7th … How to Study Writing
Class #57… Nov 7th … Writing Fantasy
Class #58… Nov 7th … Novel Structure
Class #59… Nov 7th … Edit Your Own Work
Class #60… Nov 7th … Advanced Depth

Future Workshop #1… Nov 7th…Refresh and Renew

To sign up for these.

First go to and find the November Regular workshops there. Or the Future Series workshop called Refresh and Renew.

1… You can sign up one-at-a-time.

2… Or you can sign up for a lifetime subscription to all the workshops. The new Future Series workshops are in the lifetime subscription now as well as all of the other workshops, taking that to over $14,000 in workshops for $3,000. You can do all of them at your own pace if you are a lifetime subscriber.