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Anthology Workshop Is Back!!!

After Three Years…

Before my big crash and burn and surgery, we had planned to announce on November 1 that we were starting up the Anthology Workshop again. We wanted to give everyone time to make plans.

The sales copy is below. I wrote some of it before the crash and burn, but Allyson Longueira at WMG finished it, and Stephanie Writt did the cool flyer.

If you want to sign up, here is how you do it….

If you have attended an in-person workshop before, simply send the $900 fee to PayPal using this address:

Then email me that you have done so.  I will let you know that I got the payment and that you are on the list. This workshop is first come first serve. Payment will reserve your spot. (Please note that in-person workshops such as this are never included in a sale and are not part of the Everything Online Subscription.)

If you have not attended an in-person workshop, write me directly with some of your publishing history.

Here is the sales copy…and the flyer.

Back by Popular Demand! The WMG Anthology Workshop!

The annual WMG Anthology Workshop had long been a must-attend event for writers. But it was one of the many casualties of the pandemic. Now, after years of requests to bring it back, WMG has found a way!

So, in July 2024, the WMG Anthology Workshop will return to Las Vegas—now at Resorts World! Write and submit stories to four professional editors for consideration at 6 cents/word and see them live edit the anthologies! There is no other workshop like this out there, which is why WMG worked so hard to bring it back!

For contracting reasons, we can’t finalize the exact week until February, but the workshop will NOT be held over the 4th of July holiday.

The workshop will last four days, beginning early on Monday and ending at noon on Thursday. There will also be a hospitality room for evening gatherings from Sunday to Wednesday.

Writers will write and submit their stories during late April and May.

For logistical reasons, workshop attendance will be capped at 40 people. The fee for the class is $900. Due to the high demand, you must be fully paid to hold your spot. (Workshop fees are fully refundable up to two months ahead. After that, they are transferrable.)

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind workshop! Reserve your spot today by emailing Dean.


  • Karen

    Yay! So glad to see this! Thanks, Dean, Kris, and WMG gang! Dean, so glad you’re doing so well! Take all the time you need! Which, I know, will be much less time than the rest of us! Go, Dean, heal, heal, heal!

  • Cheryl

    Never so glad to receive a workshop response 🙂
    But rest when you should – your body is running a marathon a minute knitting itself back together. (So take the time you need.)
    Sending best wishes.

  • Kate Pavelle

    Oh wow, that’s as unexpected as it is excellent! I planned for one trip to Vegas for the Licensing Expo… and now I will have to think hard about how to make this happen. Well played, team!

  • Mary Jo Rabe

    Please take enough time to rest and recover! Everything else should wait. Your health needs to have the highest priority right now.

    The news about the anthology workshop is wonderful, even though I probably can’t come due to my husband’s health issues.