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Anthology Workshop Firing Up

Starts Friday and Goes to Wednesday Morning…

Going to be a blast, I can tell you that right now. About fifty writers, about forty-some stories per anthology for eight different anthologies, plus some surprises as we always do. Wonderful fun.

And for the first year in years, I am done with my reading ahead of the workshop. I am shocked, I say, shocked…

We have announced next year’s anthology workshop, but don’t wait too long to sign up. We limit this to 50 writers at most and each year it fills completely. And you start writing at the end of November for next year’s class.

If interested in next year’s, write me at

Again, don’t wait too long to sign up, both this and the Master Class fill up.

Master Business Class

So over the last years, our Master Business Class has been intended to fill that area above the basic business stuff for indie writers. Yes, the networking is great. And yes it is fun. But it also a firehose of information, some of it you won’t use because you just be in the right spot in your career yet. But you will know it is there and that is critical when you do get to the right point.

But much of the information you can’t believe you managed to get along without.

We deal with things that advanced indie writers need like time management, web site use, promotion that works, cash streams, gaming, movies, and a ton more. A massive ton more.

For example, this last year Kris and Dave Farland spent an afternoon with David Vandigriff from the Passive Voice talking on movies and what happens when you are approached and how that part of the industry even works.

Loren L. Coleman of Catalyst Game Labs talked about gaming and how gaming is now POD that any of us can do.

And so on and so on. Five full days.

So far this year we have the following instructors announced. Editor and writer Mark Leslie from D2D (formally of Kobo), Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, Loren L. Coleman, Christina F. York (mystery writer under various names), Andrea Pearson (writer and blogger), and T. Thorn Coyle (writer and moderator.) Plus me and Kris, of course.

And over the next few months we will be announcing a bunch of new guests as well to add into the fantastic master class.

So if interested, the next one is this coming October 25th through the 30th in Las Vegas, Nevada. We limit the number attending to around 50, so everyone can take part. There are still spots open.

For more information in the Anthology workshop, the Master Class, or any of the Craft workshops that Kris teaches, go to:



  • emmiD

    I am totally interested in the Master Class. Save me a spot. I’m trying to get my $$$ lined up. And get over my dread of airplanes. And convince people who always say “Let’s do Vegas” that they can do it while I get necessary writing info.

    BTW a previous respondent’s info was filled in in the contact form.

  • Kate Pavelle

    Will there be a study-along option? I’d totally follow a video series (even if it’s not in real time, for editing purposes) just to see what changed since last year. I can make it to Vegas only once a year.

    • dwsmith

      Oh, heavens no. Study along is only for the craft workshops with Kris. Anthology and Master Class are attend only. Actually even the study-alongs are poor second cousins to being here and working with Kris in person.