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Wow, Will This Be Fun!

Those of you already signed up, no worries, I will be contacting you in a few weeks or so. But right now I wanted to let everyone know we have the editors all lined up.

First let me tell you how this works.

Months ahead of time, through me, the editors all send out guidelines for their anthologies. You have a deadline to write each story for each anthology. Usually one week.)

All the editors read every story, even if the story is for another anthology. Then during the workshop all the editors up front comment on the story, usually a

—“I really liked this and if I was buying for this, I would have bought it.”

— Or, “This didn’t hold me so I would pass on it.”

— Or “I might buy this if I have room so I would hold it.”

Then the actual editor of the anthology goes last and says if he/she will buy or not buy the story and why. So you get feedback from all the editors.

All the writers attending also read every story, but are not allowed to speak or even have opinions after hours about any story. The writers read the stories so they know what the editors are talking about and can compare their own tastes to editor tastes.

Each anthology will be a WMG Book and a lot of them will be Kickstarted over the next year or so. WMG pays the authors 6 cents per word.

So this year The Anthology Workshop is coming back strong after four years being gone.

We have EIGHT editors at the front table. Six different anthologies and I will be buying for Pulphouse Fiction Magazine if I can get a story away from an anthology editor. (Book editors come first, and if another editor of another book wants it, they win over me as well. Yes, that happens a lot.)

So here is the list of editors for the 2024 Anthology Workshop August 5th to 8th at Resorts World in Las Vegas.

  • Dean Wesley Smith (looking at every story to try to buy for Pulphouse.)
  • Christina F. York (editing a cozy anthology) Chris is a major cozy novelist under three different names.
  • Mark Leslie (editing tavern ghost stories anthology) Mark has been an editor at the last three or four of these.)
  • Kristine Kathryn Rusch (edting a sf mystery anthology)
  • Anthea Sharp (editing a fantasy regency anthology) First time for Anthea coming out of the audience to edit.)
  • Ron Collins and Brigid Collins (c0-editing a Halloween romance anthology) They co-edited before and it was great fun to watch.
  • Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Loren L. Coleman (co-editing a military sf anthology) Two major professionals working together. What possibly could happen? (grin)

Eight editors!!!!   Oh, my will this be fantastic fun and learning. (And yes, the editors can write for the volumes as well.)

And every evening we will have a conference room to sit and talk business and network.

And yes, a lot of writers will try to write for all six anthologies. In the past many have done just that. A great cross-genre challenge to try.

We are limiting this to 35 writers, so there are five spots still left open.

Write me directly if interested, but please do not write me if you are not already submitting stories to major magazines and have not taken the Depth workshop.

Fee is $900 and we will have a block of rooms in the Hilton Resorts World at $75 a night. I will let everyone know here when we fill the last five spots.

August 5th through 8th in Las Vegas. More learning and fun than you can imagine.

Write me directly if you have questions or are interested in signing up.