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Another Miss… Down Three

Not Going Like Other Challenges…

I had expected this challenge this month to be nuts to even try, but I knew if I didn’t push, I wouldn’t write a word the entire month and then wonder what happened.

Yeah, we have all had those sort of months, huh? (grin)

So I planned on having two misses along the way and then writing two stories a day for a couple days toward the end to get back on target. Still planning to do that, but now it needs to be three.

Normally my challenges are all a story a day through the entire month. I knew this one wouldn’t be like that and figured it might be a good one for you all to watch the craziness.

I had done a sort of schedule on a calendar and marked a planned miss day, and three other likely miss days. I am very good at looking out ahead at things. I took off the planned miss day, missed one of the early likely miss days, and had today as a likely miss day as well.

Yup, it happened, missed writing today due to a combination of a bunch of stuff, including not even getting home to have dinner until after 11 p.m. And then having to do the regular workshop assignments.

So I have on my challenge plan a couple days with two stories marked on it. Going to have to figure out where I can take most of a day and just write three stories. Not an issue, just a focus that will make the challenge or not make it.

So in other words, missed today, but still solidly in the challenge of thirty stories in thirty days. Stay tuned.

The Day

Too silly busy to try to detail out. I am behind on some email and will get that caught up tomorrow no issue. And I am getting May workshops on Teachable and will do covers for the challenge as things clear finally this week.

One fun thing today is that a guy brought in a 1955 full set of Tonka Trucks. They were in amazing shape. Unlike the trucks I would have played with back in those days, these had never seen dirt. So we bought the set for $325 and have it on auction on eBay now starting at $900. Full set in amazing condition. Rare doesn’t begin to describe it. So that was fun.

Want to see them on ebay, click here.



All the details we have right now are in the post below this one. Both the Master Business Class in October and the Anthology workshop will be moving to the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. I will be contacting everyone already signed up.

Still room in both workshops. Write me with questions.


Day One… Scared Money… 2,700 words…. Total April words… 2,700 words.
Day Two… Rainbow Peak… 4,900 words…. Total April words… 7,600 words.
Day Three… A Beautiful History… 2,300 words…. Total April words… 9,900 words.
Day Four… A Song For The Old Memory… 2,050 words…. Total April words… 11,950 words.
Day Five… A Brush with Intent… 1,000 words…. Total April words… 12,950 words.
Day Six… Ghost Diet… 2,700 words…. Total April words… 15,650 words.
Day Seven… Rescue Two… 3,300 words…. Total April words… 18,950 words.
Day Eight… The Woman Who Knew The Time… 3,200 words…. Total April words… 22,150 words.
Day Nine… Long Hair Henry… 4,400 words…. Total April words… 26,550 words.
Day Ten… I’ll See You… 1,500 words…. Total April words… 28,050 words.
Day Eleven… Girl on the Bed… 2,000 words…. Total April words… 30,050 words.
Day Twelve… Everything Got Colder… 2,050 words…. Total April words… 32,100 words.
Day Thirteen… (did not write)… 00 words…. Total April words… 32,100 words.
Day Fourteen… (did not write)… 00 words…. Total April words… 32,100 words.
Day Fifteen… Old Memories… 2,700 words…. Total April words… 34,800 words.
Day Sixteen… Models’ Four.. 1,900 words…. Total April words… 36,700 words.
Day Seventeen… (did not write).. 00 words…. Total April words… 36,700 words.




I will get to more of these. You want to see all the cool Poker Boy covers that are done so far of the 39 or so stories, go to:

Poker Boy



Still more than enough time to get in. But you missed the first of four webinars.

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Sign up directly through Teachable or if you have a credit, write me. Everyone who wrote me and signed up through me.

Second week is up now, so I will be closing these off later in the week or early next week. Jump in if you want.

Class #37… Apr 3rd … Think Like a Publisher
Class #38… Apr 3rd … Endings
Class #39… Apr 3rd … Point of View
Class #40… Apr 3rd … Writing Mysteries
Class #41… Apr 3rd … Speed
Class #42… Apr 3rd … Teams in Fiction
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Class #44… Apr 4th … How to Edit Your Own Work
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  • Philip

    One of the things I like about the challenge is it shows by word count you’re already at or near the length of a crime pulp novel. Very inspiring.

    • dwsmith

      Oh, yeah, and writing a novel would have been a ton easier. (grin) Writing different short stories every day has a set of challenges that the same length of novel writing doesn’t have.