Always Fun

When site hosts do updates…

And they always do that sort of thing on Friday night starting at midnight. Makes sense for them and most customers, but has scared hell out of me more times over this long streak than I can count.

And next week we will be moving this site, updating some stuff, and just enjoying life (grin).

So if my site is down at times over the next four or five days, no worries, coming back quickly.

Thanks Allyson, Josh, and Gwyneth for doing what they could this Saturday morning. I just figured this place would be gone for the weekend and around 4 am I went to bed. Thankfully, it will not be, so thank you!

And the very short post I managed to get through the mess counts as a blog on my streak, but in almost ten years, that is one of the close calls to missing. I honestly couldn’t even see what I was typing when I typed that sentence. Not kidding.  Ahh, fun.