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Allyson Is Back

And She Did Me A Great Cover…

I am working on a second Cold Poker Gang mystery novel. I finished one that I haven’t even put in Kris’s typo finds on yet. That is called Heads Up.

And I went right to the next Cold Poker Gang mystery called Ring Game. Well, before Allyson got sick, she had done me a cover for Heads Up. And since she is back and getting healthier by the moment, I found some art I thought would really fit Ring Game and she sent me a cover this morning.

I love writing on a novel when I already have a great cover done.

When I get Ring Game done, it will be the 10th book in the series. Not at all sure exactly what the publishing plans are for Heads Up and Ring Game. I’ll try to remember to let you all know when it gets decided.

So great to have Allyson back and she is getting WMG caught up slowly, getting authors paid, things like that. She isn’t full time yet, but darned close.

Gwyneth and Josh did an amazing job holding down the fort and keeping production schedule on track over the months Allyson was gone, but Allyson is the heart and center of everything. So let me simply say… Welcome Back!

And thanks for the great covers.