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All Kinds of Fun Stuff, So A Summary

Before A Lot of It Goes Away…

— Last Day to Buy Workshop Credits for the discounted rate of $250 each. Contact me if interested. Closes today.

— Pop-Up #1 is now live and available. Basically a talk about Julie Schwartz, Len Wein, and Stan Lee, three of the great writer/editors in comic books. We were friends with Julie and Len, so these videos are stories about the people, as well as a few lessons involved. Plus you can write a short story to an assignment and Kris and I will read it and give you comments.

This will only be up for under two weeks. Cost is $150.00. Get it on Teachable.

— Futures Workshop is now finishing the second of six weeks and you can jump in at any time. (You have to do the first two assignments for yourself, but still lots coming.) The first Futures Workshop is called Refresh and Renew.  Available on Teachable for $300 or get all four cheaper in a bundle. (Or if you have a workshop credit, you can use it on these.)

— Negotiations Lecture: You Go To Them is in the second week. You need to go through the first Negotiations Lecture before jumping into the second. Both are available on Teachable.

— December Regular Workshops are available for sign-ups now.

That’s it. That’s what is happening now and slowing clearing. Tomorrow and Wednesday we have some amazing holiday gifts for everyone to announce from WMG. Stay tuned.