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About Twelve Hours Left

The Diving Universe Kickstarter is just about over…

It hit all of its stretch goals, which means that anyone who supports it for any reward will get all kinds of great reading from Kris, plus all kinds of lectures and workshops from WMG Publishing.

This one is a stunner.

So don’t miss out on this great Kickstarter campaign. Only a few hours left!! Ends Thursday evening.

Diving Universe Kickstarter.


Plus six images of the four flyers we just got back from the printer. I just put them all on the Licensing Learn Along on Teachable.

I will post even more videos in the next few days, but wanted to put these up to show you some of the preparation we have done to go to the Expo. Going to be interesting to see if these have any value or not at the Expo, but I feel a lot better having them then not having them.

Here is the image of the covers of the four flyers that I put up before. Backs and interiors are on the Licensing Learn Along on Teachable. (And yes, still room to jump in.)