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A Special Class For the Sale

Half Price Sale Still Going…

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And hit apply and you will have it for half price.

This year, with the 2023 Licensing Expo, we have been planning on having me do a class here where people can virtually attend the Expo with me to help learn what it is all about, see it, learn a ton, and take some of the mystery away.

We were not going to start this for another week or two, but then decided to add it in during the last half of this half-price sale. Give those of you who are interested in someday licensing your work a discount. So here is the description of the new class. (It is on the front page of Teachable classes with my picture on it.)

There is no homework at all and will take very little of your time to watch the videos up until the three days of the Expo in June.

Virtually Attend the 2023 Licensing Expo With Dean

In 2023, the Licensing Expo is being held June 13-15 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center here in Las Vegas. Kris and I both will be attending.

This is a virtual way to go along with me. Low Tech, but virtual.

Every week starting the first week of April, I will be posting videos on Teachable in the class about my process of signing up, getting ready, making appointments, and so on. I will be talking about my thinking about this year’s expo, the planning for next year’s expo and maybe having a booth, and so on. 

And also I will talk a bunch a bout why the Licensing Expo is worth attending for every indie publisher of all levels.

I will walk you through all the process of getting there and your badges and so on on the day before.

Then each day of the conference I will take a ton of photos and videos to load up on Teachable about what I saw, nifty ideas for licenses, people I talked to, and so much more. Those three days of the actual convention will be jammed packed in the class on Teachable. Most will go up after I get home every evening.

You can watch them at any time or go back to them next year when planning on attending.

And then for a few days afterwards, I will talk about the value, the connections I made, what I learned, and a ton more. 

So you can virtually attend the 2023 Licensing Expo with me. (And Kris, of course, as well, but I will be doing all the talking and posting here.)

If you have been thinking and hearing about the Licensing Expo, this is the way to get a real sense and flavor of it. And learn a ton in the process.

Join me.

And at the moment get the class at half price. Just use the code:


It will be a real learning experience, I promise you.