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A General Update… Short

Got To Be Short Tonight…

Got to rest my eye from too much screen time. Pushing the edge right now.

I did a bunch of work on Kickstarter and have that Best Practices updated, but no new videos there. I wrote the introduction and author introductions to the second cat anthology and got that turned in today.

A few days ago I also put together a new Poker Boy collection and did an introduction and got that turned in as well to WMG. Two books in two days.

I am working on Pulphouse #10 (I think #9 will ship shortly as we get back on track) and I also did some more reading on Kris’s new Diving novel and on a bunch of Challenge short stories.

So way, way too much screen time to even spend time now on writing on the Cave Creek novel. Back tomorrow with an update on it.

Signing off…


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