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A Busy Friday

Nothing on the Surface to Show For It.

Didn’t even get caught up on regular email. I will Saturday, so no worries if I have not responded yet on something.

Kris and I spent some time in a furniture store today. Masks in place, and they were enforcing social distancing. So very safe.  We were there because of the standard Memorial Day Furniture sales here in the States. We shopped, found some things we wanted, then went to get take-out for lunch and called Allyson to confirm everything, then I went back to buy what we had found.

We ended up with a fantastic table and chairs for the new WMG office that is comfortable and will hold 14 writers for the craft workshops in 2021. (Yes, the new office will hold the craft workshops instead of in a casino.)

And we got a really nice three-piece sofa, love seat, and chair for the office as well. And a couple of nice bar stools. Everything will be delivered next week, so nothing to show for all that.

Kris had ordered three air filters for the office and we got those in as well. So all that took a large part of the day.

I also had two naps (nothing to show for those either) and cooked dinner. Then I worked on the Fantasy Workshop that was supposed to be held here in Vegas in September, but was postponed. But we are still doing the Study Along and was getting that ready to launch and Kris has the reading list that I will post tomorrow. So all prep work there. (Those that were attending here in person and paid will get extra from Kris in the Study Along and are still signed up for when we reschedule it.) But nothing up for that workshop either yet, so nothing to show for that work until tomorrow.

I also worked on getting the July regular workshops ready to launch, but they are not ready, so nothing to show for that work either.

And worked some on a new Kickstarter campaign, but not launching that either yet.

And I got my 10,000 steps and at one point Kris and I were out walking around the building and we got to stop and talk with three of the other condo owners from our floor. Hadn’t seen them in a while. Entire floor seemed to be out on the sidewalk. That was fun, but swallowed even more time.

So a stupidly busy Friday. All behind the scenes stuff. Some days are just like that.