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2020 Master Business Class… Last One…

Last Master Business Class…

That’s right, the 2020 Master Business Class will be the last one. So it will fill quickly.

You can see the 2019 Master Business Class information and the dates for the 2020 Master Business Class at

The one we just finished was fantastic, and we know next year will be as well, with a focus on even more licensing and audio advances and a ton more stuff that is cool and cutting edge for writers. (I took over thirty pages of notes this year.)

We will announce guest instructors for 2020 as we get them, but for the moment take a look at the web site to see who was there this last week. And this year Joanna Penn was in the class and helped us on stage once as well.

So one more year on the Master Business Class. It will be very different from this year, as happens every year. And then we are done.

No more Master Business Classes after next fall.

As with many things and workshops Kris and I do, things change, get retired, and we move on.

So don’t miss 2020. To sign up, write me and you can pay the fee through Paypal. Information on the web site.



  • Harvey Stanbrough

    Damn. Very sorry to hear that. Then again, I understand it completely. I plan to make it to this one and hope I can get in under the wire. I know sign-ups will go fast. Either way, thanks for all the two of you do.

    • dwsmith

      Yup, got to keep moving or die in this new world. This coming year is going to be fantastic, but Kris and I realized that after that we would start repeating and it would be just something we did, instead of us getting thirty pages of notes like I got this time. So after this coming year, which is going to be just flat amazing, we will leave this structure behind while we are on top with it. (grin)

  • Kate Pavelle

    Wow. Stunned. However… we’ll still exchange information, and thrive. Honestly, as much as I love seeing people in person, flying to Vegas for *everything” isn’t sustainable. I’m curious to see what else you’ll come up with!

  • T Thorn Coyle

    This recent Master Business Class was tremendous. It left me feeling excited for the future.

    The licensing frame gives me the context I didn’t know I was missing from my business plan. Already working on my new, 5 year plan.

    Thanks as always, Dean.

  • Robert J. McCarter

    This was my first Master Business Class and… there really aren’t words. My brain is still overflowing trying to gasp it all. I can tell you that business end of this is changed for me, permanently.

    So many of the pieces I was familiar with snapped into focus as a larger whole and I can see much further than before.

    I know that doesn’t actually say much but wow, just wow!

    • dwsmith

      That’s exactly how many are feeling from the letters I have been getting. Thanks, Robert. Great seeing you this last week.