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Writing in Public: Summary of Month 10

Month #10 Summary of this Writing in Public challenge.

May 2014

This was a pretty solid month, all things considered. And I should be picking up speed in June even more.

Smith’s Monthly is going right along. #8 came out just fine and was shipped to subscribers. Many should be getting the paper copies soon and if you didn’t get an electronic copy and should have, please let me know. I also got #9 back from the proof reader and I started working on flowing it in already.

I had another novel come out this month, started yet another, so all good there. At some point I’ll do a post showing all the novels so far.

I am also still having a blast doing the online workshops and we are starting two new ones in June, Thrillers and Writing in Series. So I did a bunch of recording on those two new workshops already.

As I said last month, the online workshops might seem they take a lot of my time, but they honestly don’t because they just don’t fill up with writers most of the time. Especially this time of the year, many of the workshops will only have three or four writers in them, so I can really help those people. And that’s fun for me.

Also, I’ve got the workshops to only three days per week.

And doing a lecture or so each month is fun as well. I put up lecture #21 and #22, one on designing covers for SF and one for designing covers for mystery and thrillers. Allyson Longueira did those two, and they are great.

As before, on this report and during the month, I only reported new words on everything.

I also got 7 new covers done. Those were fun.

My responses to questions on my blogs and to questions in the workshop web sites I still don’t count. I might count them for one month at some point this summer just to see the amount of words involved over a year.

I had a total new words written of 132,150 words, of which 80,650 words of that was new fiction. That is my biggest total words month so far in ten months. Just noticed that. Nifty.

In ten months I have written a total of 1,070,825 original words, or an average of 107,082 words per month. Considering those bad winter months, that’s not bad.

Yes, that’s right, after ten months, I am past 1 million words.

Coming New Month

In the first two weeks of June I have to do five of the chapters for Killing the Top Ten Sacred Cows of Indie Publishing.  So that’s going to be fun and a push and a lot of nonfiction work. Stay tuned. They will all be posted here. And right now you can pre-order the book on Kobo.

Also for June, just as I did with the nine months before, I’m going to start the counting over. And I’ll start the project list of completed projects for the month over as well. Up under the Writing in Public tab at the top I will put the completed projects per month and links to the first and last posts of the month and to this summary post, so anyone can go back and look.

If you have the time, the comments on a bunch of the posts have been great questions and worth the read. Thanks everyone, for the great comments and questions. Please don’t be afraid to comment if something strikes you.

And each monthly summary post I’ll update the full year’s projects on that post as well as I am doing below.

Stay tuned.  Here we go with month eleven. (Yeah, believe it or not, I’m still going. (grin))

Monthly Totals

August: 78,900 words
September: 81,200 words
October: 86,200 words
November: 56,800 words
December: 52,000 words
January: 34,150 words
February: 35,450 words
March: 70,250 words
April: 56,025 words
May: 80,650 words

August: 1,000 words
September: 2,900 words
October: 2,000 words
November: 1,950 words
December: 1,700 words
January: 1,400 words
February: 6,550 words
March: 7,800 words
April: 2,500 words
May: 7,100 words

Blog Posts: 
August: 21,300 words
September: 16,600 words
October: 15,150 words
November: 12,550 words
December: 17,300 words
January: 11,450 words
February: 10,000 words
March: 14,800 words
April: 15,300 words
May: 19,600 words

August: 809 e-mails. Approx. 23,050 words
September: 861 e-mails. Approx. 24,600 words
October: 647 e-mails. Approx. 24,450 words
November: 622 e-mails. Approx. 24,250 words
December: 621 e-mails. Approx. 29,700 words
January: 802 e-mails. Approx. 19,200 words
February: 759 e-mails. Approx. 21,250 words
March: 980 e-mails. Approx. 33,200 words
April: 841 e-mails. Approx. 25,700 words
May: 921 e-mails. Approx. 24,800 words


AUGUST… 124,250 Words

SEPTEMBER… 125,300 Words

OCTOBER… 127,800 Words

NOVEMBER… 95,550 Words

DECEMBER… 100,700 Words

JANUARY… 66,200 Words

FEBRUARY… 73,250 Words

MARCH… 126,050 Words

APRIL… 99,575 Words

MAY… 132,150 Words


Stories and Projects Finished in May

In order of production with the most recent at the top.

— Finished the short story “The Rules of the Game: A Poker Boy story.” It will be out in 2015 sometime if the editors like it. 5,000 words. Otherwise a ton sooner.

— Finished the forward to Fiction River: Pulse Pounders and turned it into WMG Publishing. It will be out in late fall, 2014

— Finished layout on Smith’s Monthly #8 and turned it into the printer. It will be out in May, 2014

— Finished Smith’s Monthly #9 and turned it into WMG Publishing. It will be out in June, 2014

— Finished the introduction to Smith’s Monthly #9.  It will be in Smith’s Monthly #9 in June, 2014

— Finished the novel Morning Song: A Seeder Universe novel. It will be in Smith’s Monthly #9 in June, 2014