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Workshop Sale Ends Tomorrow (Sunday)

Half Price for Anything On WMG Teachable

Let, just for the kick of it, see if I can list all the major categories of classes and workshops to learn fiction writing and the publishing business on WMG Publishing Teachable.

Lifetime Subscriptions (4 available… All workshops, All Pop-Ups, All Lectures, and All Study-Along)

Regular workshops (12 offered in August)

Classic Workshops (38 different ones on all sorts of topics)

Pop-Up Classes (79 Available now, five new being added this next week or so)

Lectures (A lot of them)

Study Along Classes (3 offered, more to be announced shortly for 2023)

Master Business Class (Includes a lot of other classes, plus two more coming shortly)

Collection Classes (A dozen remaining this year, another twenty or more to be announced for 2023)

Quick Solutions Class (two available, more coming)

Decade Ahead Classes (Been postponed for two years, will restart in January)

Future Workshop Series (four available)

Interview Series (One really good one available at the moment)

Challenge Series (4 different challenges now available)

Motivational Monday (Four Quarters every Monday. 4 videos every Monday on different topics and yes you can buy the entire year and get all the ones already done.)


Wow! That is a lot. More classes than many colleges have. Shows how just going on over years can build up. And at the moment we are not slowing down and have no intentions of doing so. Kris and I are learning all the time.

Half-Price sale ends late Sunday evening (tomorrow as I write this), so if you have any questions, feel free to write me.

To get any of the above at half price, simply hit purchase on the one you want, then on the next page put in the code:


Then hit apply and you should be able to get the class for half price. You can get more than one, but you have to do them one-at-a-time since Teachable has no shopping basket.

WMG Publishing Teachable.