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Workshop Details

A Number of Details on Workshops…

First off, I have four more videos of a licensing holiday focus on the Licensing Transition workshop. Just a four-video idea is all. Something to think about. There will be more videos in that class before the end of the year.

Second, the Licensing Transition and the Shared Worlds classes (that will continue on until July) will be closed for new sign-ups on the last day of this month. Two people have asked me to hold them open until then, but that’s it, so if you have been thinking about them, don’t delay now.

Sign up on Teachable.

And in a few days I will get responses back to the first assignment in the Shared Worlds class and have more videos up there as well. Long way to go and a lot of writing to do in that class. Going to be a blast.

How to Write a Holiday Story special December workshop has its third and final week up of videos and the last assignment. (Only way to sign up to that one was support the Holiday Spectacular Kickstarter a few months back.)

January regular workshop are now available on Teachable as well. How to Write Romance Fiction is the new workshop now available to sign up for. All lifetime subscribers have it in their subscription.

Speaking of Lifetime Subscriptions, all of them are still available and are fantastically good deals as we add in more and more workshops and lectures.

And speaking again of lifetime subscriptions, the Great Challenge for short stories is still open to join in for the new year and the Great Novel Challenge is still open to sign up as well on Teachable. Why I mentioned lifetime subscriptions is that if you finish either challenge, the prize is a lifetime subscription of your choice. A number of short story writers are well on their way to that goal.

So it would be a great way to start the new year by challenging yourself to write a story a week or a novel every two months, or maybe both.


Science Fiction workshop and Anthology workshop are both well under way and closed for sign-ups.

Short Story Craft workshop taught by Kris in April still has three spots open. (Write me if interested. It is invite only.)

The Fantasy Craft workshop taught by Kris in September has four spots open. (Write me if interested. Invite only.)

The last Master Business Class in October is basically full and over half of those signed up have reserved their spot by paying the fee. I will be starting a waiting list after January 1st for that workshop (so still time to sneak in now). Paying the fee does hold your spot, so even if you are signed up, might want to be thinking about that.

And that’s the update of workshops for now. Like I said, a bunch of stuff.