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We Made It!! Goal Hit!

WMG Holiday Spectacular Is A Go!!

We hit our goal for the WMG Holiday Spectacular project. So now, all the backers of the project will get a story a day from November 28th to January 1st. 35 top stories from top professional short fiction writers.

A gift that lasts an entire holiday season, every day. For 35 days. How much fun is that!!

As Kris said, she spent years trying to figure out a way to make this work, and it has been a project that has been on the burner for over a year now at WMG Publishing. To see it make the goal in just six days, with more backers than all but one of our other projects at this point, is flat wonderful!!

Now we push on to stretch goals that we did not set very far apart because we wanted backers to get even more great holiday reading.

And we once again have some great stretch goals for writers (and some amazing workshop discount rewards for writers as well. Take a look.)

So thank you, everyone for the support of this fun idea and some great reading.