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We Know This Is Sort Of Silly…

Like Having Access To A Library…

For years, Kris and I have been wanting to offer our writing fans a way to get everything we have ever published through WMG Publishing. That’s right, almost 50 years each of writing. But it was never possible.

Until now!!

Every eBook on the online store shelves. EVERY eBook. Now and published in the future. Over a thousand titles so far with hundreds still left to be added in the next few months. Not counting all the new writing and projects coming up in the future. This is a LIFETIME subscription.

That means…

EVERY Kristine Kathryn Rusch title. And all of her pen names.

EVERY Dean Wesley Smith title.

EVERY Collection and Anthology WMG has published including:

  • Pulphouse
  • Smith Monthly
  • Holiday Spectacular
  • Fiction River
  • Year of the Cat
  • Make 100 Series including: Fantasies Collide, Crimes Collide, Colliding Worlds, and all to come.

EVERY WMG Writer’s Guide.

Novels, short stories, collections, anthologies. Everything.

The first time ever offered!

WMG Books BUY EVERYTHING Lifetime Subscription!

How this works it that you are purchasing the ability to download every title on for free when you want at any point in the future. So every title will be free at checkout to purchase and then download. After initial payment, you will be contacted once when your account has been set up with this ability and tested. (Usually within one business day.)

If you have any questions, please write me. You can get it direct on WMG Books or go through me with PayPal. The cost is $3,000 and is not part of the sale.

Just finally being able to offer this has Kris and I both excited. We don’t expect anyone to take it, but for us it is very cool to have almost 100 years of original writing and projects now all available in one package.