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Valor: Military SF Bundle

I Have Had the Privilege of Curating a Story Bundle…

This one is called Valor: Military Science Fiction. And wow is it a good one.

Even though I am not known for writing military science fiction, I may have written more military sf novels than just about anyone. Not kidding. Why is that? I am known for writing Star Trek and that is military science fiction at its finest. But often readers don’t think of Star Trek as military science fiction. It is just Star Trek.

My second published novel was a Star Trek novel in the Deep Space Nine series under a pen name and written with Kristine Kathryn Rusch. I ended up writing thirty-five Star Trek novels over the next decade, sometimes under my own name, sometimes with Kris, sometimes under other pen names.

And I loved it. And I still to this day love the form of military science fiction and write numbers of books and series that are military sf. My Seeders Series for example is all military sf.

I think writing military science fiction is in my blood.

When I got the privilege of putting this bundle together, the very first book I thought of was the fantastic volume Fiction River: Valor. Editor Lee Allred may have put together one of the best collections of military science fiction I have had the privilege to read.

And, of course, the next thing I thought of was a stand-alone Diving Series book by New York Times bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Her Diving Series takes the idea of military science fiction and makes it real, with fantastic sf elements and military details that feel right. So I asked for Skirmishes: A Diving Universe Novel and luckily it was available.

Next I turned to bestselling writer Loren L. Coleman. Loren is known for writing some of the best books in the BattleTech Universe created by Jordon Weisman. As it so happened, Loren had rights to a BattleTech novel he had written and we are lucky to have such a fantastic example of military sf in this bundle. Thanks, Loren!

Veteran bestselling writer Keith DeCandido, also known for Star Trek, both editing and writing, plus many other military sf books, had a book available in one of his bestselling series. And Blaze Ward, one of the top up-and-coming military sf writers was just finishing a book and allowed me to include it.

Then things really fell into place as quickly I got four yes answers for four wonderful military sf books by Tami Veldura, Stefon Mears, David Bruns, and Robert Jeschonek. Great books, all of them.

It was Kris who suggested that for the last book in the bundle I balance the seriousness with my military sf book of old people in space. Actually, my novel is very serious about aging, but the military part is great fun. So I added Life of a Dream.

Nine novels and an amazing short story anthology make this a fantastic military science fiction bundle that I very proud to have put together.

Plus, another bonus: Our charity, AbleGamers, helps people with disabilities enjoy the imaginary worlds of video games all year, as well as in the holidays. The organization provides one-on-one assistance to help people with a variety of disabilities join the lively interactive world of gaming, easing the social isolation that being disabled can bring.

Can’t think of a better cause to help out.