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… To Keep Focused Over the Next Few Months…

We are in the Time of Great Forgetting, where writers with the best of intentions and the firmest of deadlines just sort of find days and weeks and months going by with little getting done with the writing and publishing.

The time lasts from the middle of April until August 1st. (Why do you think so many major movies come out during these months?) This is a time to play for the population, to garden, to travel, and especially after the last two years, we all want to get out and do anything.

So Kris and I figured that a very quick Flash Sale would allow some of you to grab a challenge or a workshop or enough classes cheaply to keep you focused on your writing and learning through this time.

So everything on WMG Teachable is half off if you use the code:


Just hit purchase on what you want and then on the next page put in the code and hit apply and you can get the class at half price.

So what class or workshop or challenge will help you some with the focus over the next two months.

One suggestion: The Collection Classes, four different ones, just started and no problem catching up with the first week. Those last for 9 weeks and you get a published collection at the end. That would keep you focused clear into July and would get a book published and five new stories written. You come through the Time of Great Forgetting with that and it would be a win. (Plus, you get it at half price ($250) and if you hit all nine assignments, you get your choice of a $150 Pop-Up Class at the end. The Flash Sale makes this very cheap.

Second suggestion: Any Challenge. We have four of them. Short Story Per Week for a Year, Novella a Month for a Year, Publishing a Major Book Every Month for a Year, or Write and Publish a Novel every Two Months for a Year.  Those will keep you focused for a year and only cost $300 at half price. But if you miss, you get $600 in Teachable credit and if you make it a full year, you get a lifetime subscription of your choice.

Third suggestion: Study Along Class for the Romance Spies workshop in July. That has a strong reading list that is just posted and that alone will help keep you focused for the next two months, plus the short story writing ahead of the class. You really want to keep busy, take the Lifetime Subscription to the Study Along classes. Not only does that include the one I mentioned, but it has all the ones that are already done. Listening to those videos and doing the assignments would keep you busy for two months at least.

Fourth suggestion. Classic and Regular Workshops. Get a classic workshop now, which has six weeks of videos, and do the assignments for yourself. Then get a regular workshop in June and follow along and do the assignments. That will get you all the way to July and keep you focused on writing some each week.

Fifth suggestion… Any Lifetime Subscription, then set up a schedule to slowly go through everything in the subscription, even if you have seen it before. That will take months and keep you very focused. There is a lot in all the lifetime subscriptions.

So the flash sale only lasts a few more days, ending on Wednesday evening.

Everything on WMG Teachable is half off if you use the code:


Any questions, feel free to ask me.