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Two Brand New Workshops and Special Offer



That’s Right, Two…

Bet you thought we weren’t going to do any regular workshops this spring. But nope, Superstars triggered two new ones that Kris and I really like. Plus with one workshop I am adding a special offer for only five writers. (See below.)

Both of these new workshops are going to be starting in March. Both are craft workshops. And both are going to be crazy fun for me and Kris. And we hope for all of you who decide to jump in.

First let me start with the workshop we are calling The Middle.

At Superstars I had numbers of conversations with writers and it seemed the most common comment was that they had a novel or novels stuck in the middle. Or at the one-third point. And couldn’t figure out how to move it forward.

So after a couple of those conversations, it dawned on me that Kris and I had never done anything about that very common problem that many writer’s face. So we talked about it when I got home, laid out the course, and we are ready to go. (details below)

THE EXTRA PART…. For five writers only, I will do a story consultation on the first 150 pages of a book they are stuck on. This costs extra (see below) and you must take The Middle workshop first so we have a common vocabulary. Please note: I will NOT copyedit or line edit. I will only work with you on the story to figure out why the book got stuck and help you get it moving again.

I charged one writer back about twelve years ago $10,000 to do this for him and he paid it. (I asked for that much because I thought he would go away.) And then he hired me for a lot more than that (obscene amount to be honest… I can be bought (grin)) to ghost the book for him, which I did. So with this workshop, you are getting my story consultation very cheaply. (grin)

You can sign up for THE MIDDLE workshop without doing the second part. No worries there. I just wanted to offer it to five writers only who have a book that is really, really stuck in the middle.

Now to the promised details…



The Middle 

Surviving the Middle of Any Book

This regular 6-week workshop focuses on the middle of a novel.

Bogging down in the middle of a book? This workshop shows you how to get through and finish.

Many, many writers quit on novels right in the middle, or a hundred pages in. You don’t have to. And you don’t have to struggle every time to push through.

This workshop teaches all the techniques and tricks and reasons why a novel bogs down in the middle.

When you bog down, is something wrong? Or if something is wrong, how do you find the problem? Now this workshop tackles that problem and gives clear, concise and easy-to-remember techniques.

Every writer we have ever talked to has this middle problem. None of us escape it. But many of us have learned how to beat the problem and write to the end of every book.

This workshop teaches confidence as well as writing techniques. Never fear the dreaded “wasting of words” again. No matter if you outline or write into the dark, this workshop will function like a shining light to guide you through the middle of any book.

The problems of every major genre book middles will be exposed so you know what to do when you face them in your next book.

Workshop costs $300. Either sign up on Teachable or contact me at and use a credit or pay through Paypal.


If you have a novel that is stuck, after you take The Middle workshop above, you can send me the pages you have written up to where you got stuck and I will work with you to figure out what went wrong and how to move forward. Sometimes the solution will be easy, sometimes it will be hard and take us both some time to figure out.

— Cost is $400 and must be paid at the same time as you sign up for The Middle workshop, so $700 total for the two combined.

— Limited to first five paid. (I will announce here when full.)

— I will only accept the pages of the book after the March workshop is finished. So this will happen in April. So be writing on another book in the meantime.

— If you don’t have a novel stuck or sitting in a drawer gathering dust, ignore this offer, consider yourself lucky, and keep writing.


Now to the second new workshop that both Kris and I think is very cool. Again, this came out of conversations with writers at Superstars. Told you I had a great time there and learned a ton.



Everyone loves complex books with twisted plots and multiple characters that keep the readers up late into the night.

But how do you write them?

It often feels like you must juggle far too many pieces of any puzzle.

This six-week workshop shows you exactly how so that you never have to be afraid of a complex book again. Every large book, from sprawling fantasy novels to fast-paced thrillers to twisted puzzle mysteries contain a form. And once you understand the form, you won’t get stuck in the middle or overwhelmed by the size ever again.

This course also deals with sprawling series. How to keep the information in control and the characters clear to the readers from book-to-book. And how to work the information in when it was mentioned in a previous book.

This course will touch on every major genre with the focus on controlling the parts that must go together to form a complex book that will hold the readers. Single viewpoint or multiple viewpoint, this workshop will help. If you are an outliner or you write into the dark, that doesn’t matter. The principles in this workshop are critical to both.

Just as the topic describes, this might be the most complex and fun topic we teach.

Workshop costs $300. Either sign up on Teachable or contact me at and use a credit or pay through Paypal.


February  Regular Workshops Starting…

If you think you are signed up for a February workshop and haven’t gotten a letter from Jet Lag Boy here, contact me. If you would like to sign up still, simply go to:

If you have credits from the Kickstarter, you need to write me to sign up.

To see all the courses, just hit the link at the top of the Teachable page that says “All Courses” and it will show you all the lectures and workshops available. March workshops are there as well as the Weekender Pop-Up workshops that start later this month.

Everything Has Openings!!

Class #13… Feb 6th … Think Like a Publisher
Class #14… Feb 6th … Endings
Class #15… Feb 6th … Point of View
Class #16… Feb 6th … Writing Mysteries
Class #17… Feb 6th … Speed
Class #18… Feb 6th … Teams in Fiction
Class #19… Feb 7th … Depth in Writing
Class #20… Feb 7th … How to Edit Your Own Work
Class #21… Feb 7th … Character Development
Class #22… Feb 7th … Writing Secondary Plot Lines
Class #23… Feb 7th … Advanced Depth
Class #24… Feb 7th … Novel Structure

Class #25… Mar 6th … Depth #3: Research
Class #26… Mar 6th … Author Voice
Class #27… Mar 6th … Juggling: Writing Complex Books
Class #28… Mar 6th … Writing into the Dark
Class #29… Mar 6th … Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #30… Mar 6th … Writing and Selling Short Stories
Class #31… Mar 7th … Depth in Writing
Class #32… Mar 7th … The Middle
Class #33… Mar 7th … Cliffhangers
Class #34… Mar 7th … Pacing Your Novel
Class #35… Mar 7th … Novel Structure
Class #36… Mar 7th … Writing Fantasy

Class #37… Apr 3rd … Think Like a Publisher
Class #38… Apr 3rd … Endings
Class #39… Apr 3rd … Point of View
Class #40… Apr 3rd … Writing Mysteries
Class #41… Apr 3rd … Speed
Class #42… Apr 3rd … Teams in Fiction
Class #43… Apr 4th … Depth in Writing
Class #44… Apr 4th … How to Edit Your Own Work
Class #45… Apr 4th … Character Development
Class #46… Apr 4th … Writing Secondary Plot Lines
Class #47… Apr 4th … Advanced Depth
Class #48… Apr 4th … Novel Structure

Full information about any workshop and schedule is under Online Workshops on the sidebar.