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Too Much Time Researching/Playing

Doing Research Is Play…

At least it is for me and most other writers who get sucked down into researching fun stuff. Fun for us that is. (grin) The key is you can’t do it and not write.

For me, tonight I was searching for information about the Hotel Nevada on Main Street in Las Vegas. It has been shuttered for a lot of years now and is owned by the Golden Nugget. (Tough search because of the name.) It sits right beside the Nugget parking garage for those who have been here. You never notice it because it has been painted to look like the Nugget.

So I wasted a number of hours on that just for fun.

And this morning I got right at 1,500 words done with my new schedule. Another 500 tonight. So ramping up to speed slowly, which considering I am still dealing with this gunk, I’m happy. (Three naps today helped as well.)

And here is a picture of some of the Anthology Antelopes team on the 5K run a week ago. I think we had 15 writers out there. It was great fun and the anthology workshop was fun as well.

And next year’s workshop is filling quickly, as expected, so if interested, write me.

And remember, even though that workshop isn’t officially until late February of 2020, the group list starts in September (5 plus months from now) and the writing starts in late November. So it might seem like a long ways off, but it is not. Keep that in mind.

And we hold the enrollment to fifty and every year it sells out. So come and join the fun.

And the bottom picture I put up a week ago showing some of us getting photo-bombed by a member of the Blue Man Group. Got to love Vegas.