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Three New Smith’s Monthly Issues

They Are In Production…

Not much to talk about here today. I did reading for the challenge stories and novels and got a bunch of Smith’s Monthly PDF covers done for paper editions. That was fun. So three issues now in production and I will turn in a fourth this coming week.

And I had a great time this afternoon out at the bookstore. It is really shaping around wonderfully thanks to incredible work by Dan, the new store manager. Shelly was there today as well, and Josh (from our North store) and Billy (manager of South store plus head of sales for WMG). Five book people, all working to move massive cases and set up desks and having a blast.

Surrounded by books and energy, the only thing a book person can do is have fun.

Also, after that I went and talked with Robert Portwood, who owns the other two bookstores here in town, letting him know what we had done. He was excited for us. We already send people from our North store (which has a bookstore in it) to Bob’s stores all the time. Now as we take over the third largest bookstore in town, we can really work with Bob and his daughters on projects as they come up.

The great eclipse watch, day one, turned out to be a slow dud. A lot of us expected a lot of traffic here today, but it was slower than a normal winter weekday. Not kidding. So guess if anyone is coming, they are headed this way on Saturday and Sunday. We shall see. Considering out weather, this is a really silly place to pick to come see a morning eclipse. Maybe there are a lot of smart people out there that realize that. (grin)



All have openings at the moment. Information at

Any questions at all, feel free to write me. And if you are confused as to which workshop to take first, we have a full curriculum posted on its own page. I will be updating the curriculum in September adding in the new workshops.

Class #25… Sept 5th … Depth #3: Research
Class #26… Sept 5th … Writing into the Dark
Class #27… Sept 5th … Business
Class #28… Sept 5th … Endings
Class #29… Sept 5th … Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #30… Sept 5th … Writing and Selling Short Stories
Class #31… Sept 6th … Depth in Writing
Class #32… Sept 6th … Advanced Character and Dialog
Class #33… Sept 6th … Cliffhangers
Class #34… Sept 6th … Pacing Your Novel
Class #35… Sept 6th … How to Edit Your Own Work
Class #36… Sept 6th … Writing Fantasy

Writing into the Dark is a new workshop starting in September.



The Universe Between Bundle

I curated this bundle and I had great fun with it.

I loved living in that middle ground. All my writing falls in the middle ground between two places. Every story. Some more obviously than others, but without a doubt, every story or novel that I write, or every book or magazine I edit, falls in the “between” place.

This bundle not only helps a fantastic charity with, but it has some stunning novels by some great writers.

And it has an entire volume of Fiction River. A lot of short stories in there as well.

Give this one a look, folks. I think you will be very happy you did.

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