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The Difference A Year Makes

I Am Still Recovering From My Trip…

You all know what that’s like I’m sure. Gone for a few days and it seems to take as many days to get back on top of things.

And sadly, in the last few days, writing has taken a back seat, meaning none. Zip. Zero. And so on.

Last year in Vegas and on the way there and back, I wrote two books. One about writing a book in five days while traveling. And then there was a the novel I actually wrote in five days.

This year I flew down, spent a bunch of my time in meetings, a little time playing poker, and a ton of time eating. (Yes, that included bread pudding for those of you who have read a few of my series.) Gained only one pound however because I walked so much. Two days over 16,000 steps or about eight miles per day.

But no writing. Just letting myself soak in things and being fine with that. But it dawned on me that even if I had tried to write, it wouldn’t have worked this year. I did that last year, I know I can do it, don’t need to do it again.

So same trip to the same city at the same time of the year with the same group of guys and two different writing outcomes. Both trips were great fun. And I am fine with both writing outcomes. I will be doing more than enough writing going forward.

So just thought I would point that out to everyone. Sometimes the writing is there for the fun on a trip, sometimes it should be left at home.

It’s all in the attitude.


Three of the Weekender Pop-Up Workshops are Half Full.

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