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    A Day Off

    From Everything… It is Friday. I had a great lunch with Kris, then off to a fun movie, then home for dinner and then a nap. Then I watched a couple shows and three hours of Castle. (Yes, I have seen them all.) Yes, I will catch up any story I missed writing. I am now headed for bed for a full night’s sleep. This still counts as not missing a blog, so there. The stupidly long blog streak continues.  

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    Got Both Shots!!

    Exhausted… But not sure if that is a reaction to the second shot, or relief that I have them both, or because I had to stand in a line that was almost one mile long (not kidding) in the sun on concrete for 3.5 hours. Not kidding. And there was a line that long for each of the two brands of vaccines. Thousands and thousands of people, all getting second shots at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Luckily I got there over an hour early and managed to get in the correct line, so I got my shot only two hours late from my appointment. So happy and tired. In…