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    Slow On Email

    Normally I Keep Up Just Fine… But the last few days I have been a bad boy, staying out too late with all the writers and talking writing and having far, far too much fun. So I will be catching up on email tomorrow (Wednesday). Sorry for the delay on that. And wow has the Anthology Workshop been fun this year. First time here in Las Vegas and it went off without a hitch. I want to thank all the editors who ended up putting at least eight anthologies together. That’s right, eight, plus I bought twenty stories for the next year of Pulphouse Magazine. If interested in next year’s…

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    EMail Fun Tonight

    Didn’t Get Another Chapter… But I will in the next few days. Tonight has been the big e-mail move around. No one should notice anything. My regular e-mail is just fine. But since SFF.net, one of my e-mail providers for 20 plus years decided to shut down in a few days, I had to get a few back-up e-mails working. And that is great fun. Deadline hell for something I flat didn’t want to do. (grin) And there went my writing time for both fiction and the Magic Bakery book. But got the emails working. A relief. So maybe tomorrow night for a chapter on the bakery.