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Summary of New Classes…

I Didn’t Get Enough Reading Done Today to Comment in General on Stories…

So I figured that there might be a class that got missed that we started in all the craziness of the first of this year.

So here is a summary of classes available now to jump into.

CREATIVE SURVIVAL… Four videos every Monday morning on how to survive a lot of stuff. 52 weeks of stuff, actually. I just put up the fourth week, so a good time to jump in. Find this on Teachable.

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY… We did this three years back and decided it would be fun to do a brand new batch of videos every Monday to be motivational. Again I just posted the fourth week, so a good time to jump in. Find this on Teachable.

SHARED WORLD Part 2… This is a 9 week class that will follow the first class that wrote for Cave Creek. The second part will add in a ton more information and also write mystery and ghost stories in a fictional hotel. We hoped to start next week, but we did not get enough signed up for the second part, so we are delaying the start until the middle of February. Find this on Teachable.

TWO NEW IN-PERSON WORKSHOPS HERE IN VEGAS... Fantasy Detective will go from May 6th through 9th. Taught by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.  Space Opera will go from January 13th to 16th. Taught by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Fee is $750. Write me for information. CAUTION!!  These are limited to 14 writers and Fantasy Detective is half full and there are only five spots left in Space Opera.

STUDY ALONG CLASSES FOR TWO VEGAS WORKSHOPS... Same dates, same story assignments and reading list. I record these from Kris’s notes. Find this on Teachable.

DIRECTED STUDY… This not a class and is not on Teachable. Basically, if you would like, Kris and I will ask you a bunch of questions and look at a writing sample and give you a directed study path to work to get you where you want to go in craft and business.  No time limit and you do not check in with us unless you have a question or want more things to study. Cost is $500 fee. Write me directly with the subject line Directed Study if you need more information or are interested.