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Study Along and Updates

Just Finished Last Stories…

And I posted a video on the study along talking about the 3rd assignments. I know the class technically ended Thursday, but took me that long to finish reading the few stories.

Also I will get back to slowly reading from the classes I am behind on. With the level of the eye at this point, I can only do a few a day, but that is a ton better than a month ago. So I will make my way through them all. Honest. (grin)

Also trying to ramp up on the distance in exercise. Running much at all has been tough because of the eye and not getting to the gym enough, but hope to do some of that in this ramp-up to the Las Vegas Rock and Roll 13 mile run. I’ve done it four years now, so hoping for the 5th this year. Finishing is the only goal. Time does not matter at all at this point.

Writing new fiction is still a struggle, but slowly getting easier.

Kickstarter Special Stretch Goal was hit, so now all backers get all that as well as all the other stuff. Fun and thank you all for passing the word. FANTASIES COLLIDE Kickstarter

I am heading for the Superstars Writing Conference the first full week of February. I’ll be hanging around the entire time, doing a few things here and there, but mostly just enjoying the company. I am looking forward to it. Allyson will also be there.

So now, after recording a bunch of workshops, reading a bunch of stories, and getting some exercise in, I am heading to my writing computer for a while, then calling it a night.