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Special Workshops Links…

All Sent Out…

If you signed up for the Kickstarter Bryant Street Special Workshops, all the links have been sent out to you. If you thought you were signed up and didn’t get the letter (after checking your spam), write me. The first sessions will be active on Tuesday.

Novella Workshops are selling out on the WMG Writer Store. Those are going to be really special. Don’t miss these.

Plus since the Writer Store still says there is a 50% sale on Teachable up there on the Writer Store, I will honor it for another day. 50 % off anything on Teachable, including the lifetime subscriptions.

And there is new Merch on the WMG Writer Store and a few of our nonfiction books are making their way there. The store will fill. Just takes time.

And speaking of novellas, our new 6 SCIENCE FICTION NOVELLAS by Kristine Kathryn Rusch Kickstarter launches on Tuesday. To be reminded when it lunches, go to