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Special Workshop Links Sent Out

Special Workshops from the Kickstarter…

Everyone signed up for those two special workshops should have a letter from me with the links and codes to get into them. First sessions start Tuesday and second sessions of both start July 5th.

If you thought you signed up for a workshop through Kickstarter, and didn’t get a letter from me tonight, then check your spam filter. The letter has links that will often send it to spam. Then if not there, make sure you are checking the email you used on Kickstarter.

If still can’t find it, write me and I’ll send it again.

Everyone, remember there is a half-price sale going on right now for everything on Teachable. Of course, if you didn’t sign up for the special workshops on the Kickstarter, you can’t get those, but you can get the regular workshops for both June and July, plus things like Motivational Monday and Study Along classes and also a bunch of different Collection Classes.

And right now all things on WMG Publishing Teachable are half price.

Code to get a class or workshop or anything else on WMG Teachable at half price is:


Just hit the one you want, then put in the code and hit apply and the price will be half. I know this is the time of great forgetting, but a workshop or class just might help you get a little more done during this time (notice I say that every night hoping it might help one person).

Also, you can get workshops, classic workshops, pop-ups, and lectures for the future. You can get three of each at a discounted price and then get half off that discounted price in the sale. The credits never expire and to use them simply write me and tell me which one you want to use and I send you the code to get in. (If you want more than three, get the first three, then write me to put your credits on the books and reset Teachable.)

So today I spent most of my day working on workshops. And having fun, especially recording Motivational Monday. I might have gotten a little carried away. (grin)