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Special Limited Time Workshop Offer


Since we have announced all of the 2019 workshops in the post below, and since we are now comfortable with the workshops going forward into the future, we decided to offer a special deal with this announcement.

If you sign up and pay for FOUR (4) workshops, you will either get two online workshops for free ($600 value) or the Kris and Dean Show free ($500 value). Your choice.

You can take the workshops over a four year period, and no need to tell us which ones. You can decide later. So you can take one workshop a year if you want. Money is fully refundable for any reason at any point along the way.

And yes, if you have already paid for a workshop, that can count toward your four.

Limited time offer ending soon. Don’t miss this deal.

To get the four workshops, write to and I will give you the Paypal address or information on how to use a credit card.


Some Personal Stuff…

Wow am I excited about the two craft workshops I am going to teach this next year. Humor in January and then with Kris I will teach How To Create Memorable Characters. Both are perfect craft workshops.

And I am really excited about the Kris and Dean show a year away. We had so much fun doing those back twenty years ago, and with the information we know now, wow will these be amazing and we promise entertaining.

I am really excited about the future of the Vegas workshops now.  We had been talking about just shutting the workshops down over the last year. The Anchor had problems, the coast had problems, and even with Chris York doing wonders at the Inn at Spanish Head, we still had issues.

But now we are all excited again, all conference center spaces at the Golden Nugget have been booked. And we are looking years ahead and planning some fun stuff.

We are at the fourth home of these workshops in twenty years. And excited again.

So pass the word.