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Some Suggestions…

Sale Still Going On…

I thought I would give a few suggestions as to classes and workshops I think might be a good idea to think about grabbing at half price.

Earlier I recorded the first weeks of the second quarter of both the Decade Ahead and Bite-Sized Copyright. The first quarter is done for both, starting on Monday into the second quarter. The first quarter would be easy to catch up on and then just go forward with the four videos every Monday morning through the rest of the year. No assignments, just knowledge and help.

You can still get the full year (all four quarters) at half price. Worth it.

You can also get the full year of Motivational Mondays at half price if you need motivation every Monday morning. Those are still available.

The full year of the Advanced Craft workshops is available. They will go through 2024, so lots of time to take them.  If you have been through most of the regular workshops, the Advanced Craft will really show you the next level.

And of course, the best deal is the Lifetime Workshop Subscription. That’s all the regular and classic workshops, plus anything new we start going forward.

I have had three people ask me if we have a lifetime subscription to EVERYTHING we offer on WMG Teachable. Well over 200 classes and workshops and growing regularly. It would include everything I mentioned above. It would be expensive (like around $10,000) if we tried to put it together. But at half price, that might be a fantastic deal. So if you are serious about that, write me directly. (And yes, we could take a little off if you already have a lifetime subscription, but it would never go under $8,000 or half price at $4,000.)

Wow that would be a lot of stuff not counting all the new stuff all the time. Yikes.

And of course, I think any of the challenges would be great to jump into at this point to keep your focus through the coming Time of Great Forgetting. And half price makes them fun.

Remember, on all challenges, if you don’t hit it, you get the amount of the challenge back in credit in other workshops.

One last thing…

The April Regular workshops start on April 4th, so you can get them with the sale going on now.

The April workshops are:

Class #32… April 4th … Heinlein’s Rules
Class #34… April 4th … Writing into the Dark
Class #35… April 4th … Teams in Fiction
Class #36…April 5th … Depth in Writing
Class #37…April 5th … Applied Depth
Class #39…April 5th …Advanced Depth
Class #40… April 5th …Killing Critical Voice

Heinlein’s Rules is the resurrected Classic workshop. It is still a Classic workshop as well, so if you don’t want responses from me on the assignments, you can get it there for less.

The Sale

The monthly big sales were over last October. And they still are. But after five months a bunch of factors have come together to suggest we should do a surprise half-price sale right now.

So we are using the code:


Just hit purchase on anything on WMG Teachable and then on the next page put in the code and hit apply and you will have the class or workshop or lifetime subscription or whatever at half price.

Any questions on anything, just write me.