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Some Questions About Details Classes…

First Two In Each Series Now Available…

In fantasy, the first two Down in the Details classes are 1) Magic Shops and 2) Portals. In mystery, the first two available are 1) Unsolved Crimes and 2) Locked Room. In science fiction, the first two are 1) Invasion stories and 2) Exploration stories.

Each class has a prompt for a story to write and send it to me for original anthologies in each genre. But I have gotten questions as to why I tell writers to not send the stories to me first. Yes, I pay 6 cents per word, and yes it will be original anthologies, and yes the writers are writing it for me.

But don’t send it to me first.

I tell writers to help their own careers and if they write a story for the prompt in one of the classes, send it to the top markets first in each genre. Why do I do that?

  1. I am here to help writers. If they write a story for me and sell it to a top magazine market, I have helped them with promotion and their careers. And made them a little money to boot. And they can always write me another story and try to sell it to top markets first as well.
  2. There is no deadline at all on these stories for me. If an anthology fills up, we will just start a second anthology in that genre. We want this to be a long-term project and we know it will take years to build. We are fine with that.
  3. We expect writers to be taking these classes slowly over the years. And we will be adding in new Down in the Details classes as time goes on. So doesn’t matter when anyone signs up, everyone gets the same shot at the anthologies. Again, we are in this for years.
  4. The ultimate goal is to help writers learn about details in focused areas of genres and to write stories to the prompt.

So I hope that helps some. The third classes in each genre will be up over the next few days or so. And then new in each genre each week until all eight in each genre are up and available.

Any questions, feel free to write me.