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Some Challenge and Lifetime Questions Answered

Lifetime Subscriptions and the Challenges…

I got some more questions I thought were good ones about the lifetime subscriptions, so here on a Saturday night I figured I would quickly answer them to hit my streak of daily blogs. (grin)

And remind you about the short story and novel challenge starting in September.

First, to the Lifetime Subscription Questions…

In the regular lifetime subscription, you get all regular workshops and classic workshops. There are a lot of them. In fact, if you paid for all the workshops in the subscription, it would cost over $13,000. Wow! No idea there were that many.

The key is that you can take workshops at your own pace and do assignments on the regular ones at your own pace as well. And, of course, go back and review anything at any time over the years.

Cost is $3,000. (If you have already taken some workshops or have credits, we do discount that amount down.) You can sign up on Teachable or through me about the cost of the subscription if you have taken some classes already.

Another question is about adding in the lifetime subscription to the Study Along workshops. Each of those workshops will be amazing. And concern a lot of writing. (I will be reading your short stories.) Each is $300 and the lifetime is $1,200. But if you already have a lifetime subscription and want to add in the Study Along ones, it would only be $600 extra.


If you want me for a first reader and to challenge yourself, starting on September 1st are two challenges and to answer the question, YES, there are still a couple spots open in both the short story and novel challenge. (Only taking five each.)

Write 30 short stories in sixty days or three novels in three months. Just by giving it a try and paying the $600 to join, you get two workshop credits. (If you have a lifetime subscription to the Regular workshops and don’t need the credits, we’ll give you a lifetime subscription to the Study Along workshops instead. No matter what, it will be fun and I will read your work for free.

Write me at if you want to sign up.

Or have other questions about any of this.