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Slow and Fun Day


I spent a lot of today either working on corporation taxes at the WMG offices or reading.

Mostly reading. I am not only reading the stories and novels for the summer challenge, but Kris has a new Diving Universe novel that has been sitting near my reading chair for a week. I have been dying to read it.

So I do some novel reading on the challenge, then Kris gives me this incredible mystery story to read. Actually a novella.

So I ended up reading that, then taking a break, then reading some of the Diving Universe novel, which is stunningly good. It was everything I could do to make myself stop to get into this office.

Then I made a bad decision to come in here and get an issue of Smith’s Monthly turned in to WMG. So to do that I had to put in some of Kris’s corrections in the Thunder Mountain novel Tombstone Canyon.

Very, very few typo corrections and no story issues, but I ended up reading the last bit of it. My own stupid book caught me because I have written three books since I finished that one.

Then I wrote an introduction, five blurbs, one for the novel and four for the short stories. Got it all together and turned in and then looked at my writing computer and just laughed.

I had read some great work by the challenge people, a stunning mystery novella by Kris, an even more stunning part of a Diving Universe by Kris, part of my own Thunder Mountain series, and then I expected my poor little brain to go work on a Seeders  Universe novel.

Nope. That wasn’t happening.

I need to  be a little more careful, or give more time before wanting to write, when reading other people’s fiction first.  You think… (grin)

SF&F BINGE READERS BUNDLE… has done something special and there is only seven days left on this one, gang.

Since I mentioned above I have a Thunder Mountain novel getting turned into WMG, if ou want the first three books in the Thunder Mountain series, they are in this bundle of bundles.

And you’ll also get some other amazing books. Including a bundle of three different Fiction River fantasy volumes. If you haven’t sampled the amazing work and writers in Fiction River, this would be a good place to do it. That alone is worth the entire cost.

You also get three books in Kris’s diving series if you haven’t tried those yet. (You haven’t read the Diving Series?? Holy smokes, you are missing some of the best science fiction written these days.)

Also, don’t forget to toss in some money for one of Kris and my favorite things, They do stunningly good work and are worth supporting.


Patreon Supporters…

You should have one issue of Smith’s Monthly yesterday. I will put up another tomorrow. And a third on Monday.

Smith’s Monthly Subscribers, you will get your electronic editions about on the same schedule.  Paper copies will lag behind a few weeks.

Four more issues being turned in to WMG and I am still working to have #48 out by October, so I will be back on time. Having fun giving it a try. (grin)



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Class #16… Aug 8th … Writing Mysteries
Class #17… Aug 8th … Speed
Class #18… Aug 8th … Teams in Fiction
Class #19… Aug 9th … Depth in Writing
Class #20… Aug 9th … How to Edit Your Own Work
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