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Six Days Left

And Major Workshop Discounts…

On the Smith’s Stories: Make 100 Paperbacks Kickstarter project.

Right now you can get any lecture for $40.00.  Any Regular Workshop for $250.00. Or get as many Regular Workshop Credits as you want. Or Lifetime Subscription to workshops or lectures. Or a bunch of the Pop-Up series.

When WMG Publishing does a Kickstarter, we sometimes add in these discounts for workshops, and since this is a project I really wanted to do, I wanted to add these workshops in to kick it over the top. And it worked. Cleared the goal in a day, which is wonderful. Thank you, everyone, who has supported this so far.

And the campaign has also made it past the first stretch goal which means everyone who has supported any level of reward gets yet another of my large short story collections, plus a free $150 Classic workshop.

And now there is six days left to hit the second stretch goal. That second stretch goal will get every supporter three more collections plus a $600 value of the first five Pop-Up series on different topics of writing.

So if you are a reader or a writer, you win with this one.

There are lots of reading rewards as well that will get you the 100 short stories and the 32 Stories from July. There is even one combo to get all 44 back issues of Smith’s Monthly plus a Year’s subscription to the new ones that are coming.

And even though I don’t say anywhere, the $250 workshop credits can be used again $300 credit value in any workshop we do, including Vegas workshops.

So I hope you will give the campaign a look. Just six more days. Thanks!

And then I get to get started on Making 100 Paperbacks. And I will detail out the process here over the months as I go along. That should be interesting as well.

Smith’s Stories: Make 100 Paperbacks.