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September Workshops All Starting Up

All September Workshops Now Starting…

Last month we brought back THE MAGIC BAKERY six week workshop. Critical to understanding how this new world and copyright is working for indie writers. And we brought back to regular status PLOTTING WITH DEPTH. It will also might have new videos as we think they are needed.

And last month we started a brand new workshop in the depth series called DEPTH IN ACTION. Basically how do you use depth when writing action scenes, how much, how little, and when, to make sure readers know what is happening and stay with your story.

Everything is on WMG Teachable.

WARNING: You must have taken both the DEPTH IN WRITING and the ADVANCED DEPTH workshops before you can take any of the other three Depth classes. Critical, otherwise they will make no sense.

Lifetime workshop subscribers, none of these are new this month, so if you would like to take them with me responding to assignments, just write me and I will send you a code to get into the one you want.

Here is the full list of September Regular Workshops:

Class #22… Sept 5th … Depth in Action
Class #23… Sept 5th … Magic Bakery
Class #24… Sept 5th … Writing into the Dark
Class #26… Sept 6th … Depth in Writing
Class #27… Sept 6th … Plotting with Depth
Class #28… Sept 6th… Killing Critical Voice
Class #29… Sept 6th … Teams in Fiction
Class #30… Sept 6th … Advanced Depth
Class #32… Sept 6th … Applied Depth

Again, everything is on WMG Teachable


These are all nine weeks long and you write five stories and publish a brand new collection in the 9th week. I help you with each step. Each class has a theme.

  • Money Theme
  • Private Eyes Theme
  • Dynasty Theme
  • Holidays Theme


These are all nine weeks long and have eight assignments. These are very advanced and I would suggest you have numbers of novels done and a lot of short stories and have taken most of the depth workshops before even thinking of trying one of these.

  • Advanced Conflict Class
  • Floating Viewpoints Class


This is nine weeks long and you will need to also get Part One and go over it. It has a weekly webinar that you can attend or list to the recording later. It has eight assignments. But again, you will need to go over part one of the class in your own time during the first couple weeks of this class.

  • Products Class Part Two…

Everything is on WMG Teachable.

Again, all of these are starting right now. Any questions, feel free to write me.