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March Workshops Available

They Are Now Up and Live…

Including the new workshop, Licensing 101.

It has also been loaded into the Lifetime Workshop Subscription and also into the Licensing Transition workshop. That’s right, inside the $500 year-long workshop you get a $300 workshop as well. Cool, huh?

You can sign up for them on Teachable.

Class #21… Mar 3rd … Writing Romance
Class #22… March 3rd… LICENSING 101
Class #24… March 3rd … Writing into the Dark
Class #25… March 3rd … Writing Sales Copy
Class #26… March 4th … Depth in Writing
Class #27… March 4th … Writing Short Stories
Class #29… March 4th… Writing with Emotion
Class #30… March 4th… Advanced Depth

Also, see yesterday’s post for a really fun and amazing class available on Teachable. (Offered for four weeks in April and in May.)

Check out the Collaboration Class I announced last night. It is still open for sign-ups, not only to learn a ton about collaboration, but to be a part of a very first in history project of 15 collaborations in one volume of a magazine.

Both Mike Resnick and Harlan Ellison did collaboration books featuring stories from the writers they wrote with. Mike did this fantastic book called “With a Little Help From My Friends” and I was one of his friends, I am proud to say, along with such names as Catherine Asaro, Ron Collins, Janis Ian, Barry Malzberg, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and a bunch of others.

It was great fun. And over a decade or more, he wrote with 25 writers who have stories in that book. I want to do 15 collaborations over a summer.

And put them all (to start with) in a very special issue of Pulphouse, in which I will also include the story Mike and I wrote together.

And dedicate the issue to him and how he worked with so many beginning writers by writing with them. I work with a lot of writers in workshops, but this will be my first working with them by writing with them like Mike did.

I am very excited. Mike and I talked about how it worked for him and younger writers a number of times sitting at conventions. Just never thought the time would come when he would be gone and I would try it.

So still room in that class if you want to jump in and write a story with me this summer sometime when our schedules match.